Montana tech leaders: Body slamming a reporter is not a good look for us

It’s hard enough for local communities to compete with Silicon Valley and try to distinguish themselves as attractive areas for tech startups. The last thing anyone needs is a violent outburst from the person who is seeking to represent them in Congress. 

That’s one of the takeaways from Jake Bullinger’s new Fast Company story about the fallout from Greg Gianforte, the Montana Republican and tech entrepreneur, who just pleaded guilty to body-slamming a Guardian reporter. Jake spoke with tech leaders in the area who worry that bad press surrounding Gianforte’s outburst will hurt recruiting efforts in the growing Western tech hub

One of those tech leaders—Abby Schlatter of Bozeman-based commonFont—did not mince words when Jake asked about the incident. “It’s flat-out embarrassing for Montana to have a representative that has acted that way in a public forum,” she told him. “I don’t think it represents how we Montanans value and treat each other.” 

Check out Jake’s full story here.CZ