Uber shakeup: Here’s everything that leaked about Eric Holder’s investigation this weekend 

Uber‘s board met for hours on Sunday to discuss and make a decision about the results of Eric Holder’s investigation into the company’s culture, according to the New York Times. Here’s what we know so far:

The report recommends axing Emil Michael, Uber SVP and crony to CEO Travis Kalanick. But the board hasn’t made a final decision on whether to fire him. Michael has been involved in the mishandling of an Indian woman’s medical records, was present at an outing to a South Korean escort bar with employees, and also once threatened to hire a team to dig up negative information on a journalist who had written unfavorable stories about Uber.

Kalanick has suggested he take leave of absence to recover from a tragic event that took his mother’s life. The board is allowing Kalanick to make this decision on his own. 

• A board representative says that it will accept all the recommendations put forth in Holder’s report

The report follows a series of departures, including Eric Alexander, who obtained the medical records of an Indian woman who was raped by an Uber driver. As Uber attempts to clean up its act, it’s facing a major decision in Egypt. The government is looking to pass a law that would require Uber to share its live ride-hailing data, also known as “heaven,” according to the New York Times. If parliament passes a law requiring companies doing business in the country to keep servers on Egyptian soil and share data with law enforcement, it may need to make a major decision about whether or not to stay in the country.

Stay tuned for lots more Uber news this week.  

[Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]