New SoulCycle Campaign Offers A Glimpse Into The Brand’s Cult Phenomenon

“This is not about a class, it’s not about a bike, it’s about you. Your purpose. Your goals. Your drive. This is about you.”

Well, it’s sort of about a class and a bike, because it’s also a new ad from SoulCycle. Created by agency Laird+Partners, the “Find It” campaign doesn’t talk about the intense cycle workouts, or the fact celebrities like Michelle Obama, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lady Gaga, and more regularly saddle up in its studios. Instead, it uses real instructors to deliver a pep talk that’s part sermon, part self-help sales pitch.

“What are you looking for? What’s your story? What are you going to come for? What do you need?”

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Delivered against a backdrop of Crystal Skies’ remix of Illenium’s “With You,” the ad so accurately sums up the sweaty spiritual vibe that’s earned the brand such a cult following, a cynic might half expect a big round dude to bust through the wall and yell, “Oh yeah!”JB