• 06.05.17

Yes, iOS 11 is getting a bunch of iPad power-user features

Sneaky Apple did an iOS 11 segment in its WWDC keynote that didn’t have much to say to iPad fans, and then moved on—and then came back later with an entire segment of new iOS 11 features designed with the iPad in mind:

• New drag-and-drop features will let you move images, links, and other items between two apps—even two apps you’re running separately in full-screen mode.

• The on-screen keyboard will let you quickly flick to items such as punctuation characters.

• A new Files app will make it easier to work with, well, files, including ones stored in third-party services like Dropbox and Box.

• Additional support for the Pencil stylus will let you do things such as annotate PDFs and create handwritten notes.

• The Notes app is also getting a built-in scanner akin to the ones already available in standalone form and in apps such as Dropbox.