Clinton deems DNC data “poor”; ex-DNC staffer calls “bullshit”

Yesterday at Recode’s Code Conference, Hillary Clinton discussed an array of culprits for why she lost the presidential race, as well as her thoughts on Jeff BezosFacebook, Twitter, Russia, and Donald Trump. She also, oddly, threw the DNC under the bus. She described the party’s data as “mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong.” She added that she had to personally fund the organization to keep it going. 

Staffers and data aides who worked on the campaign were, predictably, not pleased. In since deleted tweets, the DNC’s former data director Andrew Therriault lashed out at her comments as “fucking bullshit,” reports the Washington Post. One tweet said “*our* models never had MI/WI/PA looking even close to safe. Her team thought they knew better.” To his own team, he wrote: “I hope you understand the good you did despite that nonsense.” Though Therriault left the campaign midway through 2016, reports from last December tell a similar story of Clinton’s campaign ignoring pleas to focus on rust belt states.

John Hagner, a former aide to the DNC, also fired back at Clinton, but pointed to the difference between the DNC’s voter database and its targeting and interpretation of that data, which failed to account for voters in the way that the RNC and the Trump campaign did:

Conversely, Brad Parscale, Trump’s digital campaign manager and cofounder of the digital consultancy Giles Parscale, hailed the former candidate’s assessment. “Yes. Thank you,” he tweeted at Clinton. “The @GOP data with @GilesParscale content was powerful and precise.” 

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