Bellabeat, maker of a popular women’s bio-tracker, can now see if you’re drinking enough water

A year ago, I wrote about Bellabeat, a company that creates a pebble-shaped fitness tracker meant to fit easily into a woman’s life and collect useful data. Last year, it came up with a new feature that assesses how stressed the wearer might be, given how much exercise and sleep they have gotten, and where they are in their menstrual cycle. So far, the company has sold more than 700,000 products. 

Now the company is collecting data about another aspect of a woman’s health: her hydration levels. The company is releasing a new $89 bottle equipped with sensors that track and record how much water you are consuming over the course of the day. In conjunction with the tracker, the bottle predicts how much water you need to drink and notifies you when you haven’t been hydrating. 

[Image via Bellabeat]