Sprig is the latest casualty among meal-delivery services

Once upon a time, a bunch of startups came up with the same idea: preparing and delivering meals which consumers could order with a few taps on a smartphone. Then SpoonRocket shut down. Earlier this month, so did Maple.
And now Sprig has ceased operations, just a few months after it revamped its service to offer more variety. In a blog post, cofounder Gagan Biyani said that scaling up the business had proven challenging. And he obliquely acknowledged the competition from services such as Postmates and DoorDash  that simply deliver from existing eateries rather than making their own meals: “Today, there are thousands of restaurants delivering amazing food to you; we’re hopeful for the future.”
Back in January 2016, I wrote about Sprig’s meal R&D operation—and visited its San Francisco kitchen, located in a former Chevy’s Mexican restaurant.