Farewell, Bachman: The best of Silicon Valley’s dumb dope-smoking startup incubator

Alas, Bachmanity is over, my friends. That is to say, Erlich Bachman (aka T.J. Miller) will not be returning for the next season of Silicon Valley. Well, at least we’ll have the memories . . . and the memes and the moronic moments. 

• “My head is so far up my own ass I can see the future.”

• “No, this is all wrong. I am sensing a general lack of vision. Your muffins smell like shit. So do your ideas. One of you is the least-attractive person I’ve ever seen. I’m not gonna say who. Should we leave, or should you?”

• “What kind of monster puts artisanal butter in the freezer?”

• “I know what binary is. Jesus Christ! I memorized the hexadecimal times tables when I was 14 writing machine code, okay? Ask me what 9 times F is. It’s fleventy-five. I don’t need you telling me what binary is, just like I don’t need you thinking about soup or taking pictures of it.”