advertisement’s new platform helps mobile devs spot issues before losing customers

Currently developers get crash reports when an app fails while you’re using it, but they don’t always know when something else happens—say the app freezes, there’s a tiny glitch, or just a bad design that’s making you ditch the app for something else. A new platform launching today,, helps diagnose those issues before they result in lost customers.

Now, most developers use a combination of crash reports, analytics, and logging to figure out where things have gone wrong. A complicated process with mixed results. is instead a unified platform that turns data into solutions that developers can use to create better-performing apps, freeing up time typically spent troubleshooting for writing actual code.

The first platform to provide performance feedback for mobile, along with its launch it also announced $2.5 million in seed funding led by Eniac Ventures, with investments from the Chernin Group, Techstars Ventures, and BoxGroup. Developers can sign up for the limited release on the company’s website.