Subaru is slowly figuring out this whole electric car thing

As Subaru looks to the future, they are trying to decide whether to offer an electric version of the trusty Outback or to launch a new line of all-electric cars. Bloomberg spoke with CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, who said the car company wants to expand on its slow push into green technology (which their customer base will undoubtedly appreciate) but is still debating the best way to do it, as they want to “capitalize on their reputation for safety while eliminating the need to partner with another automaker.” 

Subaru’s currently aiming to have a plug-in hybrid on sale next year, with a battery-electric vehicle to follow in 2021, which might be just long enough off for consumers to save up and buy a Tesla instead.

Read the full story over at Bloomberg while doing the math.

[Photo: Subaru]