Hey brands, people don’t like when you make fun of your competition on Twitter

Social media has fostered an age of post-post-irony, so it’s understandable that major brands want to speak the same language. One way to do that is by trash-talking the competition with cheap shots and snark. Case in point: that time Delta Air Lines weighed into United’s leggings-ban controversy with a cutesy subtweet encouraging people to wear leggings on Delta flights. #Owned 

The tweet got Delta some headlines, and maybe some people were amused, but a new survey from Sprout Social suggests most consumers aren’t really into that kind of pettiness. Among the respondents, 67% said they find it annoying when brands make fun of the competition. Other consumer turnoffs include brands using slang (69% say it’s annoying), talking politics (71% say it’s annoying), and making fun of customers (88% say it’s annoying). Really, who makes fun of their customers? 

Check out the full survey here

[Image: Sprout Social]CZ