Privacy concerns are the biggest drawback for smart home devices, say people who have them

We Americans aren’t going to let a little thing like privacy stop us from wiring up our homes with more and more smart devices. A new survey from ReportLinker found that 31% of consumers say concerns about privacy are the main drawback for owning devices such as connected appliances, security systems, or smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo. That makes privacy the most-cited drawback. A slightly smaller number, 29%, cited price as the main drawback to the devices, while 10% said they just don’t have the time to learn how to use one. (Put me in that last bucket.) 

Still, half of the respondents said they owned one or two smart home devices and 26% said they owned five or more, so the convenience of having a smart home seems to be winning out over privacy angst. 
ReportLinker’s survey of 508 online respondents representative of the U.S. population was conducted on May 4. Check out the full report here

[Image: ReportLinker]