Now freelancers in New York City can actually get paid on time

Yesterday, New York City’s “Freelance Isn’t Free Act” went into effect following a years-long campaign from the Freelancers’ Union, which provides new rights and guarantees for contract employees doing work for businesses in the city. 

Here are a few breakouts from the law:

 • Employers must provide a contract–for work exceeding $800.

 • Payment must either be decided in the contract or within 30 days of the finished work.

 • Freelancers have the right to file a formal complaint with New York’s Office of Labor Policy & Standards if a contract is breached, and the department must then send a formal letter to the employer within 20 days on behalf of the employee.

There are other protections and rights in the new act—if you’re a New York freelancer you should check them out. Here’s the city’s brochure about the new law.CGW