Avoid Newark and these other cities if you want to start a new career

It’s graduation time, and that means fresh meat for the job market, but then again, not all job markets are created equal. So what cities should you be checking out if you’re looking to start a new career? Personal finance service WalletHub crunched some data on the country’s 150 most populated areas, analyzing metrics like average starting salaries, quality of life, and the number of entry-level jobs, to come up with a list of the best and worst places to start a new career
Good news for Mormons: Salt Lake City topped the list, with a total score of 68.72. OrlandoAustinGrand Rapids, Michigan; and Tempe, Arizona, rounded out the top five. 
On the flip side, Newark, New Jersey, came in dead last, followed by Cleveland; Augusta, Georgia; Montgomery, Alabama; and Toledo, Ohio; Check out the full list here
[Image: WalletHub]