MeUndies positions itself as the underpants of the revolution

In 2011, L.A.-based direct-to-consumer company MeUndies entered the market with a different approach to marketing underwear. As I reported in a story from last year, the brand doesn’t emphasize sexiness in its marketing–which is traditionally how Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein have advertised products—but rather feeling comfortable in your own skin. Today, MeUndies launches a rebrand with a new logo and imagery. The greater goal of this reboot is to take its “feel good” philosophy to the next level by taking on a stronger activist stance on issues that have to do with acceptance and inclusion.
The brand recently partnered with Eddie Huang on a groundbreaking campaign fighting for body anxiety among Asian men particularly around the issue of penis size. It is very supportive of the LGBT movement by handing out undies at L.A. Pride. It also partnered Amber Rose on a special collection designed to end slut shaming with words like, “whore-able” and “bitch” scrawled on the underwear. 

MeUndies is betting that their target audience—millennials—have different values from previous generations, both in terms of what they want from their underwear, but also in terms of the social issues that the brand stands for.