Toyota is getting in on the flying car thing too

Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai may be getting Uber’s first flying taxis, but Tokyo isn’t about to let their shot at a Blade Runner-esque future slip by. 

Toyota has just announced that it is backing the development of a flying car in Japan, as the BBC reports. The Japanese carmaker is giving 40 million yen ($352,000) to the largely crowdfunded Cartivator group, which is developing the world’s smallest flying car, measuring a mere 9.5 ft by 4.3 ft. The team developing the so-called Skydrive car is made up of 30 volunteers, so labor is free, but considering that Uber has invested many millions of dollars into its version, it’s probably going to take a slightly larger investment to get the project off the ground (far, far off the ground, to be precise).  

Still, Toyota’s investment undoubtedly helps, as Cartivator is hoping to have the Skydrive car ready in time to light the Olympic flame when Tokyo hosts the summer games in 2020.

[Image: Cartivator]