Now John Oliver wants you to hold off on those FCC comments

John Oliver wants net neutrality supporters to temporarily hold off on commenting on the website of the FCC—or as he calls it, the only “government agency legally required to know what Bosch is.” 

After crashing the FCC’s website by making it easy for the public to comment on the agency’s plan to roll-back Obama-era protections for net neutrality via his website GoFCCYourself, Oliver released a web-only statement on the campaign. Well over a million people have taken the time to weigh in on the FCC’s plan. However, Oliver admits some of them may have been fake. Many of them appeared to be anti-net neutrality bots with no self-preservation instinct, while others were written by racist internet commenters. To the latter Oliver had a message: “Writing racist things on the internet is not how you win the net neutrality debate. It’s how you win the presidency.” 

Oliver still wants (civil) commenters to tell FCC chair Ajit Pai that they support net neutrality, but he suggests holding off for the time being. The agency is not accepting comments for a week or so due to a “procedural quirk.”