Conservative group denies it’s behind a bot posting thousands of comments opposing net neutrality

A conservative advocacy group is strongly denying that it’s behind a bot that appears to have posted more than 58,000 identical comments opposing net neutrality on the FCC’s website. The Center for Individual Freedom came under suspicion from Redditors and reporters since part of the comment posted on the FCC comes directly from one of the group’s 2010 press releases

Not that it isn’t making a big online push to support FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s efforts to roll back net neutrality. Per a spokesperson for the group:

“CFIF is not using bots or any other automated tool to generate comments. CFIF’s effort requires people to opt-in by manually by signing, confirming and submitting their comments for delivery to the FCC. In addition, commenters receive an email confirming their submission. As mentioned previously, the process is as straightforward and transparent as we know how to make it.”

[Source Photo: Wikimedia]