Microsoft puts OneDrive files up in the cloud, again

With OneNote Files On-Demand in Windows 10, all user files can be kept up in the cloud, until the user decides to order it down to the device for offline use. On the desktop all files appear to be hosted on the device. In the Windows File Explorer files are stored locally and files stored in the cloud are marked off by a status icon (a little parachute) next to them.
This all works with both users’ personal and work OneDrive, as well with SharePoint Online team sites. Because they’re in the cloud, the files can be brought down to Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
Microsoft says the Files on Demand has been a widely requested feature, and that it is now responding. Actually, the company tried hosting OneDrive files in the cloud once before, but was forced to pull the feature back because of technical difficulties. Let’s hope it all works well this time.
Microsoft says the OneDrive Files On-Demand feature will arrive with a Windows 10 update this fall.