Kind Bars and Oreo want customers to do all their R&D work for them

A few years ago, Lay’s introduced their potato chip flavor-creating contest called “Do Us a Flavor,” which basically turned their customers into unpaid interns by making them do their research and development for free. We would complain, but it brought Wasabi Ginger potato chips into the world. 

Now, Kind Bars are getting in on the action, asking customers to do their work for them and choose their next flavor under the guise of a “Raise the Bar” contest. Options include a nonalcoholic Sangria, Pistachio Cardamom Fig, Sweet Pretzel Crunch, and one that sounds like a sushi roll—Sesame Seaweed Wasabi. Vote for the best/least gross flavor here.

Your work isn’t done yet, though, because the folks over at Oreo also want you to name their next flavor. While Kind Bars gave you some options to choose from, Oreo is expecting you to actually use your imagination and create a flavor from scratch. Most of us will be forking over our R&D for free, but the person who creates the most palatable confection will win a $500,000 paycheck for their hard work. At least submitting ideas is easy, as they’ll be taking submissions through Twitter and Instagram using #MyOreoCreation and #Contest hashtags. The Oreo contest runs through July 14 and people are already submitting ideas. Açai Oreos are healthy, right?

[Photo: KIND Bars]