Here are 4 reasons that Trump supporters couldn’t sway the French election

In a comprehensive timeline, BuzzFeed lays out how the alt-right tried—and failed—to pull off a victory for Marine Le Pen by using many of the same tricks that helped Trump win the U.S. election. Read the full story here. Here are four of the main reasons:
• It seems like almost no one on 4chan translated their fake news into French.
• Those spreading fake news didn’t adjust their stories to fit French sensibilities and cultural mores. For example, some tried to stir up rumors that Emmanuel Macron was romancing his wife’s daughter without realizing that the French don’t really care about their candidates’ personal lives.
Le Facebook isn’t very popular in France, where only a third of the country uses the social network, according to a Pew report in 2016.
• The French media has been extremely tough in cracking down on fake news, and have been debunking online hoaxes since 2008.