• 05.05.17

Here are the stories Ivanka Trump missed when she was reading  Fast Company for her new book

Dear Ivanka,

We read your book, and we noticed that you (or your ghost writer) are a fan of Fast Company‘s leadership content. (There are many citations from sources on the left and right, including one of our articles on public speaking, as well as the extended work of many of our contributors, including Gwen Moran, Laura Vanderkam, Gretchen Rubin, Jessica Hullinger, and more).

There are a few articles you’ve seemed to miss that you should really read given your role in the White House.

You know that childcare is important for working parents, yet your dad’s plan won’t help most working women. Perhaps he should consider universal childcare. It’s actually good for the economy. How The U.S. Almost Had Universal Childcare (Twice)

You’ve made paid leave a big talking point, but the plan that you’ve helped create is only for biological moms. Including men in paid leave is good for equality in the workplace and for the pay gap. Could Paternity Leave Policies Close The Wage Gap?

You have also acknowledged the pay gap and the need for more women in leadership positions, but did you know it’s worse for women of color? Why The Gender Leadership Gap Is So Much Worse for Women of Color

Sexual harassment in the workplace is conspicuously absent from your platform. (But it’s a big issue: 1 in 3 women have been sexually harassed at work). You should check out this article about why women don’t report sexual harassment (and maybe share it with your dad). The Real Reasons Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Harassment 

Thanks for reading!