• 05.02.17

Here’s Windows 10 S, a classroom-friendly version aimed at fighting off Chromebooks

At a Microsoft event in New York City, the company’s CEO Satya Nadella and Windows honcho Terry Myerson are presiding over announcements that include Windows 10 S, a new version aimed at classroom use. It has a number of features intended to help schools manage Windows machines more easily—thereby increasing its competitiveness with Google’s Chromebooks, which have become a major force in education:

• Windows 10 S is designed to run as well at the end of the school year as it did at the start, rather than degrading.

• It will only run apps from Microsoft’s Windows Store; if you try to install one that isn’t there, it will suggest alternatives.

• “Set Up My School PCs” lets an administrator create a thumb drive that will automatically configure PCs to the school’s liking.

• “Intune for Education” management software lets a school do things like turn off all its PCs’ cameras.

• PC makers such as Dell, HP, and Acer will offer Windows 10 S PCs starting at $189; schools with Windows Pro PCs will be able to get the new OS for free.