E-books are no longer flying off the e-shelves

Turns out that just because you can read the great works of literature (and all the great business books you can stomach) on an e-reader, doesn’t mean everyone wants to.

The Guardian reports that e-book sales in the U.K. have dropped by 17%. They placed the blame on so-called screen fatigue. Basically, people are so tired of staring into screens all day for work, and all night for entertainment, and at all other times in between to check on their Tinder—er, LinkedIn—profiles, that when it comes to reading a book, readers are yearning for good old-fashioned paper. Perhaps Amazon and other e-book distributors should start sending book-scented candles out with each purchase.

“I wouldn’t say that the e-book dream is over but people are clearly making decisions on when they want to spend time with their screens,” Stephen Lotinga, chief executive of the Publishers Association, told The Guardian. Don’t hold a wake for your Kindle quite yet, though. While the market is slumping, it still raked in £204m ($263 million) from people who don’t want anyone on the subway to know what book they’re reading.

[Photo: Unsplash user @jamestarbotton]ML