Here’s how to live-stream Uber’s sky taxi event in Dallas today

A few years ago, ordering a car ride from your smartphone was a big deal. A few years from now, you’ll be ordering a plane ride—that is, if Uber‘s new sky taxi program takes off. The ride-hailing titan will reveal its plans at its Elevate Summit in Dallas this morning. We’ll have the full story soon on Uber’s time frame to start testing, the craft it will fly, and the cities where it will begin. Uber will also live-stream the entire three-day affair from the Elevate Summit home page beginning at 11 a.m. Eastern time today. 

To watch the stream, visit the page here after the event starts.

Just as Uber doesn’t make cars, it won’t be building planes or helicopters. Instead it will set up deals with aircraft makers competing to build electric-powered craft that can take off and land vertically from rooftop airports without making a racket that drives the neighbors crazy. (It’s a big challenge that I wrote about yesterday.) Uber will announce those first hardware makers today as well. 

[Image: Uber]SC