Here’s a video of Larry Page’s flying car in action

Google’s Larry Page wants to make flying cars, like, a thing. To make that straight-out-of-science fiction idea a reality, he’s backing a project called Kitty Hawk, which is led by Sebastian Thrun, who helped get Google into the self-driving car race. 

The ultralight flyer took a test flight over a lake near San Francisco, the New York Times reports and the video shows that the future is now(ish). The plane looks like a cross between a drone and a pontoon boat, as it comes outfitted for water landings. While the final product will undoubtedly look a little different, Kitty Hawk hopes to be selling the planes by the end of the year and you can already become a member of the fan club and join the wait list. Price is still TBD, though.

The flyers are already approved to operate in the U.S., but don’t expect to see them racing the BART train anytime soon, as they are currently only legal to fly in un-congested areas. The first round of products are designed for hobbyists and recreational use, according to TechCrunch, and strangely you don’t need a pilot’s license to fly one, so your next lake vacation may involve 10-year olds dropping water balloons from the sky.

[Photo: Kitty Hawk]ML