The top revelations from the NYT’s profile of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

The profile is a deep exploration into Kalanick’s history and thinking. Some highlights:


• Back in 2015 Uber‘s app was secretly identifying and tagging iPhones even after it had been deleted or the iPhones had been erased–a practice known as “fingerprinting.”

• Fingerprinting is often used as a fraud detection and prevention method that helps certain companies detect when people are using stolen smartphones to game the system.

• Apple banned the practice of fingerprinting using a user’s device’s UDID back in 2013 due to privacy concerns.

• Apple CEO Tim Cook personally called Kalanick to Apple’s headquarters to tell him to stop fingerprinting phones or else Apple would pull Uber from the App Store.

• Back in 2003 Kalanick registered to run for governor of California.

• Actors including Edward Norton, Olivia Munn, Sophia Bush, and Leonardo DiCaprio along with music superstars Jay-Z and Beyoncé are investors in Uber.

• One time Jay-Z wired Kalanick even more money to invest in a larger share of the company, but Kalanick wired it back to him, saying that he had too many interested investors already.

• Kalanick wanted Oprah Winfrey to join Uber’s board.

•Kalanick is a big admirer of Amazon.

• His main mantra is “growth above all else.”

You can read the New York Time‘s full fascinating profile of Kalanick here.