Yahoo reportedly mismanaged a humanitarian aid fund earmarked for Chinese political dissidents

The Yahoo Human Rights Trust was established in 2007 after Yahoo agreed to pay $17.3 million to settle a case against it in which it turned over information about a Chinese journalist to the Chinese government, who later imprisoned that journalist. However, now a group of Chinese citizens is suing Yahoo, alleging the company turned a blind eye as the man responsible for overseeing the fund squandered $13 million of it, reports Forbes:

[The squandered funds were spent] on “expenditures having nothing to do with providing humanitarian assistance to imprisoned Chinese dissidents,” according to their complaint. The group alleges that the bulk of that money went to the man responsible for overseeing it, among other things, and that only $700,000—or about 4% of the fund—was spent on direct humanitarian aid.

“In standing idly by while it knew the Yahoo Human Rights Trust was being squandered, Yahoo abandoned its responsibilities to Trust beneficiaries, who have risked their lives by speaking out for political reform in China,” Times Wang, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said in a written statement.