• 04.18.17

Smoke up, drink up—Foursquare says legal weed isn’t hurting the bar industry

Foursquare just took a look at the impact of legalized recreational marijuana on the bar industry. Based on their findings, it seems that legal weed had very little discernible impact on bar tabs, because people enjoy both staying home with a batch of pot brownies and a full season of Bojack Horseman and meeting a friend at a bar for a beer or two.

For their study, Foursquare looked at a 12-month period in Oregon, after recreational pot use was legalized in 2015. While visits to liquor stores grew by 5% to 10%, they were slower than in the rest of the United States. However, visits to “nightlife spots” (that includes every type of bar, lounge, club, and brewery) grew on par with the national average.

As for demographics of pot buyers, 46% of dispensary visitors were millennials ages 21-34; and they may have been hitting the pot shop with their baby boomer grandparents, because 23% of visitors were over the age of 55. (That could certainly make family game night more interesting.) 

Foursquare also has unique access to the food cravings of stoners, who are apparently really into dumplings and ramen. Other than cravings, recreational pot users were generally not living up to the slacker stereotype, as Foursquare found that they were more likely to visit ski resorts, climbing gyms, stadiums, and bike shops than average Foursquare users. Score one for the stoners, eh? 

[Photos: Foursquare]ML