The future’s so bright: A new survey shows consumers are not that freaked out by tech 

Lippincott, a global creative consultancy, asked 2,000 “leading edge” consumers in the U.S. whether they were excited to welcome our robot overlords or terrified of them. The survey looks at how AI, machine learning, and on-demand everything will affect society and our way of life. The results of the Customer of the Future survey could teach companies a lot about how consumers’ needs will change in the future and how companies can best respond to that. 

Some of their findings go against conventional wisdom, like the belief that consumers are scared about the future. Turns out 80% said they are excited about changes in technology. Some 78% feel more powerful and in control of their lives thanks to the support from smart machines, artificial intelligence, and robotics. There is some anxiety about the incursion of tech into our lives, with over 40% reporting that they are scared about changes to the economy, society, culture, and the government (guessing that 40% saw Terminator). Despite that, 64% of them still expect that the world will be better in 10 years than it is today. 

Additional findings: 82% say the world is getting more convenient, 75% say their life is more flexible, and the respondents are overwhelmingly feeling more efficient, confident, free, and even unique (despite the possibility of clones). Their survey is out now. Check it all out here.

[Photo: Flickr user Doctor Popular] ML