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The Whole Nine Yards

Take the hassle out of measuring.

Does size really matter? It does when you’re furnishing an office. One of the handiest tools that I’ve come across to make measuring quicker and easier is Zircon’s Dimensionator. About the size of a standard measuring tape (but much lighter), the Dimensionator uses ultrasonic signals to gauge distances and takes the hassle out of figuring out what will squeeze in where. Need to know whether a file cabinet will fit underneath your desk? Put the Dimensionator on the floor, point the device upward, press the “Read” button, and bingo! The digital readout displays the measurement. With the tool’s easy-to-use calculation functions, you can suss out square footage — which is great if you’re trying to figure out how much wallpaper or carpeting to buy.

The Dimensionator retails for $39.99. Visit Zircon on the Web (www.zircon.com).