These stuffed animals are spilling their guts to save the oceans

Move over, Captain Planet: Waldo the Walrus, Penny the Penguin, and Mark the Shark are here to clean up the oceans. 

Sea Shepherd has launched a new line of adorable plushies with a heart of darkness—stomachs full of plastic garbage that their real-life counterparts would have eaten thanks to ocean pollution. When kids unzip any of the eight stuffed animals in the Pollutoys line, out spills fluffy versions of plastic bags, bottles, straws, balloons, and all the other plastic junk that makes its way from our picnics and parties and into the stomachs of animals. Watch the insane video here and remember that we only have ourselves to blame for turning kids’ toys into harbingers of doom.

Of course, trash-stuffed penguins alone can’t save the planet’s oceans. Luckily a group of people are taking the fight to save our oceans, one straw at a time. Read their story on National Geographic and just say no to plastic drinking straws.

[Photo: Pollutoys]