California regulators want $1.1M from Uber for failing to handle drunk drivers

A new complaint from the California Public Utilities Commission calls out Uber for mishandling 151 drunk drivers in the state. Specifically it says Uber “failed to suspend and/or investigate” those drivers within the required time period. Now the state wants to charge Uber $7,500 per driver, for a total of $1,132,500. While Uber has suspended 574 drivers out of 2,047 from August 2014 to August 2015, the complaint says it doesn’t have a good enough method for instituting zero-tolerance policies. Furthermore, it reads, there are flaws in Uber’s system that prevent it from complying. For instance, Uber only suspends drivers under four circumstances, which the CPUC says are too strict:

1) the driver provides an admission;
2) an arrest/conviction results from driving under the influence; 
3) there is a law enforcement-administered blood alcohol test resulting in a level over the limit or near the time of the incident that led to the complaint; and
4) video or physical evidence

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