• 05.31.00

Take a Bite out of Passwords

Click Here: Take control of password chaos.

Is there anything more annoying than surfing to one of your favorite sites, trying to log on, and forgetting your user name and password? Actually, there is — having to type in the same old information every time you register at a new site.


That’s why I use ( , a free Web browser companion that keeps track of your log-in information and automates the registration process.

Visit the site, and download the software. The site will ask you to enter Coordinates (name, mailing address, email address, phone number) , along with credit-card information. Then surf the Web as usual.

Instead of entering information for each site that you visit, you enter your Gator user name and password. Gator will capture and store your log-in information for a site — and the next time you visit that site, Gator will log you on.

Whenever you visit a site for which you haven’t registered, Gator’s “Form Helper” does the work. Click the “Fill In” button, and Gator transfers your contact and credit-card information to the appropriate fields. Just think: You might start enjoying the Web again!