On Equal Pay Day, this Facebook chatbot will help women get their money 

To mark Equal Pay Day, where the business world thinks about the fact that in 2017 women are still paid far less than men, Cindy Gallop wants to help women make a “shit ton of money.”

Gallop, the equal pay lightning rod, has teamed up with ad agency R/GA and partners The Muse (a career site), Ladies Get Paid (a professional community for women), (chatbot developers), and PayScale (a salary tracking firm) to create a Facebook bot that will help balance the paying field.

“I get a lot of women telling me, ‘I wish I had a Cindy app in my phone to give me a boost of inspiration and confidence every day’, or, ‘I regularly ask myself WWCGD? What Would Cindy Gallop Do?’,” Gallop told me. “I was thrilled when the brilliant team at R/GA came to me with this idea, because it enables me to scale myself, and help every single woman I can to get the pay raise she deserves.”

For women looking for some backup when they go to demand a raise, they simply need to log into Facebook and search for “Ask Cindy Gallop.” Users should be prepared to dish out some information like their job title, seniority, and location to find out whether they’re making more or less than the average salary in their field. As the Gallop bot declares, “It’s good to know the facts, but it’s better to make a s–t ton of money.”

Once you’ve entered your information, the bot will encourage you to figure out your negotiation strategy and then go demand more money either by visualizing what a “straight white man would do” or Gallop herself: “If it’s me, you know bloody well what I would do: Prepare, present my reasons, get paid. A lot.”

[Photo: Facebook/Ask Cindy Gallop]ML