Blue Origin’s 10-minute space ride could cost $200,000—but there will be leather seats

Today, Blue Origin released illustrations of its suborbital space tourism vehicle, dubbed New Shepard. The capsule will have six leather seats arranged in a circle that will offer a large window view and a small screen to track the flight. 

Blue Origin hasn’t yet put a price tag on the 10-minute space flight, but experts say that it will cost between $100,000 and $200,000. For about 10 seconds, passengers will experience up to 5Gs during the descent. 

Here in the FastCo News room, we’ve been wondering what laws will govern the passengers on the flight. The Outer Space Treaty, which was first ratified in 1967, covers such issues such has how different countries should collaborate on scientific experiments. But it doesn’t cover many interpersonal issues that happen in space. For instance, what would happen if a sexual assault or a murder happened on board? What court would be responsible for trying such a case? Hit me up at if you have any answers for us.