ModCloth customers are pretty pissed the brand just sold itself to Walmart

For 15 years, ModCloth has made a name for itself in the industry as an independent fashion label, one that refused to photoshop models and offered a wide range of sizes. But on Friday, founder Susan Gregg Kroger officially announced on its blog that it would be sold to the Walmart family of companies. With the influx of new resources, ModCloth says that it would be expanding its brick-and-mortar presence beyond its one store in Austin, Texas. 

While a small sampling of customers expressed their support toward ModCloth, many others were disappointed that a brand thats stood for such good values was being sold to Walmart, which has faced extensive criticism for its human rights record, treatment of women, and its resistance to allowing workers to unionize

Comments to the blog post include the following:

• “I’m glad you think child labor is wonderful. I’m glad you support a company that loves all it’s suppliers so much it does nothing to stop the fact that they make only $37 per month (not an exaggeration). I’m also glad you’re super in support of the fact that Wal-Mart has thousands of lawsuits against it from women who were fired for being pregnant and forced to overwork while pregnant and paid $14,000 less per year than men in the same position and…oh I could go on and on but why bother!?? It’s all just so great! YOU go girl.”

• “Money  talks. The silence ModCloth is going to hear will be deafening.”

• “Wow this is incredibly disappointing. I would have been less upset if the company had instead been angel funded/bought out by Amazon. You’re letting a lot of us down, not only with this recent website/mobile app upgrade with the lack of proper product descriptions and fabric content, but now by aligning yourself with a company that does not in any way, shape, or form support human rights, employee rights, sweatshop free production, or fair market pricing.”

• “I am so disappointed in Modcloth. I had to save up to make purchases there but the clothes and the mission were worth it. I am not giving a dime to Walmart, under any name.”

Image via ModClothES