• 03.15.17

High-profile Twitter accounts were hacked to tweet Nazi swastikas and pro-Erdogan messages

Thousands of Twitter accounts have been hacked to tweet a reference to April 16, the day a referendum will be held in Turkey to give its president more power, reports Business Insider. Accounts affected include Forbes, BBC North America, Amnesty International, Unicef USA, the European Parliament, Duke University, Nike Spain, Starbucks Argentina, and the Atlanta Police Department. The attackers accessed the accounts through a popular third-party Twitter analytics service called Twitter Counter.

Twitter Counter’s CEO told the Verge:

“We are aware of the situation and have started an investigation into the matter. Before any definite findings, we’ve already taken measures to contain such abuse of our users’ accounts, assuming it is indeed done using our system—both blocking all ability to post tweets using our system and changing our Twitter app key.”

Twitter itself issued a statement on the hack as well:

“We are aware of an issue affecting a number of account holders this morning. Our teams are working at pace and taking direct action on this issue. We quickly located the source, which was limited to a third-party app. We removed its permissions immediately. No additional accounts are impacted. Advice on keeping your account secure can be found here.”