advertisement lets you shop from your screenshots emerged as bloggers and influencers became increasingly important in the fashion industry, directing consumers to particular brands and products. The service allows consumers to like particular Instagram posts, then receive an email at the end of the day with ready-to-shop links to products; influencers earn a commission from each item purchased. 

Founder Amber Venz Box has now developed a new feature that scans through users’ screenshots, using image recognition technology to identify items that the customer can buy. This plays into consumers’ existing behavior: People often screenshot images they love to send to friends, or save for later. “You click the heart button Instagram when you like an item, but you screenshot something that you love,” Venz Box says.

Since emerged in 2014, users have bought more than $230 million in merchandise. It taps into an influencer base of 11,000 and has nearly 3 million users registered to receive daily shoppable emails.