Exclusive: Uber HR dismissed the value of diversity reports just days before its company culture imploded

Every day it seems more allegations and revelations come to light about Uber. Now we wait to see how the company will try to fix its huge internal culture problem. One of its biggest issues, however, is its own inability to be introspective and self-critical. 

Here’s a prime example: A few days before the Uber crisis hit, I chatted with the company’s head of HR, Liane Hornsey. Toward the end of our chat I asked whether or not the company would release a diversity report (which it has yet to do). Here’s what she said:

“I haven’t seen it move the numbers. I haven’t seen anyone who’s done it say it’s made any difference for them. I reserve the right to really think about that over time. But it hasn’t worked for anyone, so why would I?”

A few days later, following a slew of bad press about its toxic work culture, the company thankfully changed course and announced its plans to release the numbers. But this initial reaction of refusing to look within is a glaring and fixable problem. Read more about what’s wrong and what Uber needs to do to make it right.CGW