• 03.02.17

UberEats launches analytics for restaurants to stake its claim to delivery

The on-demand food delivery market is getting more and more crowded and the highly competitive Uber wants to dominate it. The company is launching analytics for the 30,000-plus restaurants it works with around the globe. The new interface will give restaurateurs three things: 

1)  Information around bills and how they’re performing.

2) How efficiently they’re running their in-store operations.

3) Metrics on customer satisfaction.

Because there are so many delivery services these days, the way to prove valuable to clients is by giving them data and tools they don’t have. Of course, one of the biggest providers of take out, Seamless/GrubHub, has had analytics out for a few years. But UberEats’s aggressive push into 60-plus markets makes it a formidable competitor even against legacy delivery series. The app has roughly 8 million monthly active users, according to mobile analytics firm Apptopia