• 02.27.17

Here’s the biggest smartphone news from MWC 2017

Every year in late February, tech companies head to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to announce their latest phones, tablets, and other mobile gear. Here’s what phone makers are cooking up for 2017:

Lenovo’s Moto Z phones are getting Amazon Alexa integration, plus a docking station that glows when you talk to the virtual assistant.

• Google’s own hands-free voice assistant–simply dubbed the Google Assistant–is coming to a lot more Android phones starting this week.

• The LG G6 phone will stream eye-popping Dolby Vision HDR from Netflix and Amazon.

-The camera on Sony’s Xperia XZ phone can capture 960 frames per second.

Huawei’s P10 phone will learn to launch users’ favorite apps faster.

TCL is making a BlackBerry-branded Android phone, and yes, it has a keyboard.JN