You can now customize the color of your bedsheets

Flaneur, founded by two people who met as Columbia University literature doctoral candidates, custom dyes high-quality bedsheets and duvet colors in the color of your choice. On the Flaneur website, you can pick from any Pantone hue–more than 1,800 options–and receive your sheets within 10 days in the mail. The most popular color is pink, but customers often go with bolder choices like Turkish blue, coral, black, and magenta. 

All products are made with Arizona-grown Supima cotton and dyed in a factory in Los Angeles. The sheets don’t come cheap: They’ll run about $400 for a set and $400 for duvet covers. But for people in the market for haute-couture bedding, Flaneur allows people to find colors that match their bedrooms perfectly. Since launching a year ago, the brand has been popular among older, affluent millennials and interior designers.

Flaneur is part of a broader trend toward personalization in the luxury market: You can now entirely customize your shoes with Shoes of Prey, bags with 1 Atelier, and vacations with Black Tomato.