Road Rules – Rule 22

Don’t bookend with weekends.

Who: Myron Mosbarger
(, president and CEO, Helius Inc.
Home Base: Orem, Utah
Mileage: 100,000 miles per year
Favorite Destination: Ocean Shores, Washington
Don’t Leave Home Without It: A note that my wife tucks into my luggage


“I spend a lot of my time working with clients and partners overseas. I probably hit 8 to 10 countries a year, including Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Taiwan. But I never travel on weekends. Why? Most businesspeople try to get to where they’re going between the end of the workday Friday and Sunday night. I always travel midweek to avoid the rush — and to save money.”

“The easiest time to get an upgrade to business class is during the middle of the week. And by avoiding weekend travel, I can get an upgrade on trips coming and going.”

“Traveling midweek also helps me be more productive. I can fit in two full days of meetings and development work before I get too tired to work well. I don’t really sleep well after the first night in a new country, and by the third night, I’m sleeping in until noon the next day because I haven’t adjusted to the time change. But I don’t take naps. I’ll stay up as late as I can in order to get myself back on the clock. Then I take the weekend to relax and see what the country is like. If I can find a Church of Latterday Saints, I even go to church on Sunday. The meetings are always the same — even if I can’t understand the language. It’s a normalizing experience for me.”

“Monday mornings, I’m always fresh and ready to go again. I usually put in a full day of work on Monday and fly back home on Tuesday or on Wednesday morning. That way, I have a couple of workdays left.”