• 02.08.17

Pinterest adds more tools to help you discover the perfect pin

There are currently more than 100 billion ideas on Pinterest. Today the company announced three new tools to help you find the ideas you want to see:

Instant Ideas – Any pin you see on Pinterest can be an entry point to discovering more ideas. When you see something that looks interesting, you can tap a circle at the bottom of a pin to see related ideas.

Shop the Look – Now when you come across a pin that has more than one item in it, you can tap on it to see info about a particular item. For instance, you might tap on a model’s pants, shoes, and shirt individually to see where you can buy them. And a “How to Wear” feature offers different styling options for items, such as different ways to wear a scarf.

Pinterest Lens – Lens lets you discover pins based on things in the world around you. The beta feature lets you search based on a photo. So, you can take a photo of a pair of shoes or a dining room table and find similar pins. Or take a photo of a piece of fruit and get recipes to cook with it.