Netflix likes to do things its own way—including new show announcements

Every year in January, TV-show makers gather to share their upcoming slates of shows and movies at the Television Critics Association tour. This year, Netflix decided to eschew the program and instead struck out on its own to announce what’s coming to the streaming service next with a big press extravaganza in New York. It’s an interesting move for Netflix, which has grown its bank of original content, shrunk its stock of old films, and ballooned its subscriber base to 93 million subscribers. 


Here’s what’s coming so far. We’ll update this post further as new shows are announced throughout the day:

Bill Nye Saves The World will premiere April 21, 2017.

Orange Is The New Black Season 5 will premiere June 9, 2017.

• Season 2 of the OA gets the green light.

• Love will have a Season 3.

• Anne will premiere May 12, 2017

• Dear White People will premiere April 24, 2017.

• Project MC2 is getting two more seasons, 4 and 5.

• Buddy Thunderstruck will premiere March 10, 2017.

• Travelers picked up for Season 2.

• Girlboss will premiere April 21, 2017
• Casting JonBenet will premiere April 28, 2017
• Grace and Frankie will premiere March 24, 2017.