Sheryl Sandberg announces improvements to Facebook’s paid leave policy

Sheryl Sandberg today announced at the MAKERS Conference in California a few big changes to Facebook‘s family leave policy giving employees more time off options during times of need. Here are the additions:

 • Ten days of bereavement leave for extended family and twenty days for immediate family. 

 • Six weeks of paid leave during any twelve-month period for employees to take care of sick family members.

 • Three days of “family sick time” every year so people can take care of short-term illnesses like children with the flu.

These changes are in addition to Facebook’s paid parental policy of 4 months for both moms and dads.  

Sandberg’s husband passed away in 2015; in the Facebook post announcing the changes she writes that her own experiences highlighted the need for bereavement leave and time off flexibility. “I needed both to start my recovery,” she wrote. 

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[Photo: Allison Shelley/Getty Images]CGW