• 02.02.17

Read the letter Labor Department employees have written in opposition to their potential new boss

After President Trump’s first week in office, a collection of “alt” government Twitter accounts run by anonymous current and former government employees appeared to share information and ideas often critical of Trump’s policies. The latest form of dissent from within comes from the Department of Labor: Current and former DOL employees are circulating a letter that urges the Senate to vote no on Andrew Puzder’s nomination for Labor secretary. 

Among their stated concerns:

–  The number of discrimination lawsuits brought against Puzder’s businesses.  

– Puzder’s disparaging comments about low-wage workers

– Puzder’s view of women:

Mr. Puzder’s enthusiastic embrace of the sexualized advertisements his company has run makes us worried that Mr. Puzder is ill-fit to grapple with the subtle ways that perceptions of women in the workplace affect their everyday working experience.  

According to Politico, the letter will be sent if they reach 200 signatures. Read the full letter here. The vote on Puzder was scheduled for February 7 but has been delayed.KD