• 02.02.17

NYC drivers petition for Uber CEO to leave Trump’s advisory council 

New York City’s Independent Driver’s Guild is calling for more support from Uber. A new petition filed Thursday calls for Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to “immediately resign from President Trump’s advisory council.” So far 470 drivers have signed. 

The petition demands that Kalanick do the following: 

• State publicly that drivers will not be penalized for taking action in protest of the immigration ban
• Immediately institute in-app tipping to support immigrant workers in NYC
• Make a substantial donation in support of the work of non-profit organizations fighting the immigration ban.

The petition comes as Uber faces criticism for turning off surge pricing last weekend while many New York City taxi drivers were protesting the Trump administration’s new travel ban. Historically, Uber has not always acted in the best interest of its drivers, preferring to assume the role of neutral platform rather than doting employer. But Uber drivers are asking the company to prove its loyalty. Its a tough position for Kalanick, who needs to keep drivers from boycotting the platform while also maintaining open communication with the White House. After all, Kalanick can’t represent the company’s interests from the outside. 

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