• 01.26.17

Here are the 5 scariest revelations from Pew’s new cybersecurity survey

A new survey from the Pew Research Center finds that most American adults have been the victims of some kind of “major data breach,” and that many of us don’t trust big organizations to keep our data safe. Here’s some of the more alarming numbers from the report:

41% of those surveyed reported having fraudulent charges on their credit cards 

39% of respondents say they reuse passwords across accounts, and 41% have shared at least one password with a friend or relative

16% say someone has hijacked their email accounts, and 13% say one of their social media accounts has been hacked.

15% say they’ve gotten notice that their Social Security numbers were compromised

51% of respondents said they’re “not at all confident” or “not too confident” in social media sites keeping their information safe—and 49% feel that way about the federal government